Glenda Green

Welcome to Love Did End. If you were a follower of Glenda Green’s work that began with her portrait of the Savior, but then stopped because of her actions afterwards, this is the place for you.

For those unfamiliar with Glenda, she is first and foremost an artist who received a word of knowledge from her first second husband Brian that she was to paint the portrait of the Savior.

At this she replied to Brian, “If he shows up, I will paint him.”

So Jesus did show up and Glenda painted his portrait. What makes this portrait different from all others is the fact that it was painted in the presence of his glory and at his request.

Over the four months that it took to paint the portrait, Jesus and Glenda had many conversations which Glenda was allowed to write down. Over three hundred questions were recorded.

Glenda was then commissioned to share both the portrait and their conversations with the world. The name of the portriat is The Lamb and The Lion (1992); her recorded lectures are Conversations with Jesus (1996); and the book is Love Without End (1999).

Before we identify the areas we are concerned with, no one should assume we have anything but the greatest respect for Glenda and the work she was commissioned to share.

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  1. It is an example of how the elect can be deceived also. For someone to have had such a privilege of personally spending time with the savior, then become distracted by something outside of the relm that they have been charged with.

  2. Are you stupid or just jealouse? This book was never about Glenda’s love for anything or anyone. It was (and is) about Jesus’ love. Are you saying that HIS love has ended??? I don’t know if Glenda has risen or “fallen” as you accuse, but I don’t know of any humans without some foibles or weaknesses–unless maybe it would be you! Jesus said let one amoung you without flaw accuse another. I would be curious to know what YOUR vendeta is with her. Obviously your motives are obscuring all clarity, compassion, and charity for one was called to a very challenging work.

  3. If you really care for Jesus, why not defend him?

  4. Yes we are but human, we are able to converse with the divine, even with all our faults. Some people believe that only the perfect are able to converse with God. If this is true none would receive. If a status is needed to be able to talk with god, it is but to be a child of God, and all are children of God. Therefore all are able to ask and receive the voice of God. Not all will listen to the voice of God. I honor Glenda for she listened and wrote the voice of God down, and now we can hear God’s voice even when we wont listen to it ourselves.

  5. 1. I read “Love Without End”. Multiple Times. I took the book to Kinko’s and had it spiral bound for like $4.00. It’s a thick book for a paperback! Continue to read and Re read to this day. I also loan it to my friends!
    2. Now I use an Ipad to read and bought, “Keys of Jushua”. I’m considering The repurchase of “Love without End” for this platform as well.
    3. Both Books will challenge your Walk and Understanding of Christ, and His teachings! Your current level of understanding & many other parts of your beliefs. Whatever your level of Faith is, Christ WILL CHALLENGE YOU TO GO HIGHER, DEEPER, FURTHER!
    4. Within this website, which I found through my search for Christ Truth League, which I will visit again (every few years it is nice to go and see this painting, especially since it is local) today and spend some time at their chapel in the presence of this painting, (which by the way is awesome to be in it’s presence).
    5. Glenda’s work and writtings are not simple. This work is challenging to follow, but, with effort and work, it is substantially rewarding. I treasure both books, and when I re-read them, it is so evident how quickly our level of un-consciousness, or limited thinking effects or rather causes an errosion of the unlimited possibilities which The Power & Authority Christ bestowed upon us through His Perfect Life, His Incredible Sacrafice, and Astonishing Ressurrection!
    How to live this, and understand this power in YOUR LIFE, is “In my opionion” is the trust of these works, The painting, The books, the work, which Glenda has so couragesly presented to the world.
    6. Please forgive Glenda for Not providing these works for free to the other 7 Billion inhabitants of the planet. As she is a human being, (I know this because I’ve met her). It has been my experience that people rarely value anything that is free. But I can tell you this, she did gift a small portrait or post card size print of the painting to me, which I cherish, and now that I am doing better financially ( direct benefit of the teaching with her books, as I know more fully what My Faith & Life are based on). I think I will buy some and gift to my friends.
    I have not seen or spoken with Glenda in over a decade and have no access to her balance sheet, but regardless of her current networth, my question is “What is The Value of even One Miracle for one person?” I’d bet (more than you’re will to wager) that there have a substantial number of miracles related to the Paintings, Books, Post cards of Jesus, (haven’t read the this entire website, but haven’t seen any critisism of Glenda’s Essential Oils). Jehohovah, The Christ, The Holy Spirit Has Never Failed Me, Not once, but I have Failed Them Probably Millions of Times! Glenda’s work, while different than every other work, was, is, and I’m certain will be Miracle Inspiring well into The future!!
    7. To mention Glenda getting a divorce while criticizing her work to be in poor taiste. Marriage is The Most Chalkenging Aspect of This Life we will live and find this critical point to be a particularly revealing aspect of the person that created this website. This directly relates to one of the most basic Christ Teaching of pointing out The needle in another’s eye, when you have a board in your own eye.
    8. Glenda is a courageous person, whom has inspired me, and I have shared her book with many people. NOT EVERYONE, was ready for her work and embraced it, several that I shared it with have loved it, and gotten copies for their own for continued study.
    My recommendation is to be wise, study hard, challenge your current level of faith and belief. If something doesn’t agree with you, put it on a shelf and ponder it another time or go deeper and research it ALL the way out. But refraim direct critism of another’s work without presenting your own work.
    9. I hope this post is a blessing to someone out there. If you are stuck in your walk, keep pressing, be patient, in time with effort, you will be fullfilled.

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